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Invited Speakers


Title - Intervertebral disc regeneration obtained trough a bone tunneling approach
Name : Gianluca Vadala (Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery - University of Rome - Italy)
Title - Jaw bone regeneration - current status
Name : Gintaras Juodzbalys (Lithuanian University of Health Sciences)
Title - Closed and open scaffolds for bone regeneration
Name : João F. Mano (University of Minho - Portugal)
Title - Biomaterials enhanced simulation test as alternative towards true 1R implemenation
Name : Michaël Gasik (Aalto University - Finland)
Title - Advanced bioengineering strategies using cellularized hydrogels
Name : Pedro Granja (INEB - Portugal)

STSM - Short Term Scientific Missions

Title - In-vivo study of injectable nanocomposite bone filler based on metal nanoparticles and biopolymers
Name: David Porelli, University of Trieste
Title - Preparation of complex-shape calcium phosphate structures using PH-responsive particles and robocasting
Name : Massimiliano Dapporto (ISTEC - Italy)
Title - Investigation of biocompatibility and toxicity properties of modified calcium phosphate coating
Name : Monika Furko (Bay Zoltan Institute - HU)
Title - Silicon Micro-Conical Tips for Gene Delivery
Name : Stella Aslanoglou (FORTH - Greece)
Title - Synthesis and characterisation of hydrogel/bioceramic composites for bone regeneration applications
Name : Tess Geever (Athlone Institute of Technology - Ireland)